Be The Producer.

Stop looking for a producer that 'gets you'. Start producing your own music. Be a Triple Threat Artist.


Imagine For A Second

you could produce your own songs with confidence? Most singer songwriters cannot. And it's killing their momentum.


What We Really Want.

Most singer/songwriters repeat the same pattern over and over again: they spend weeks and months pouring their heart and soul into crafting their songs and then when it comes time to record those creations, they have to compromise their vision because they struggle to communicate clearly with the producer in the studio. Or worse yet, the producer doesn't relate to the artist's vision and cannot authentically deliver what is being asked of them. I'm convinced what most people really want is to be in the director seat, and see their whole vision come together. Even though some will learn to write, sing, and perform, they'll still remain forever stuck when it comes to distributing their music without a producer. What they don't realize is how capable they are to do this themselves, often with the gear they already own!

Experience Freedom.

When you can physically capture your thoughts and musical ideas in the way you hear them in your brain you'll discover a new sense of freedom. You're in charge of making the vibe and setting the groove. The days of looking for a producer who "gets you" will be long gone, saving you time and money.

Unlock Collaborations.

When you learn to produce, you're a force to be reckoned with! Adding the "producer" to your singer/songwriter title puts you way ahead of the curve. More writers and musicians will clammer to collaborate with you. Doors will inevitably start opening up. Your writing will improve because you will start writing with production in mind. The process pf songwriting, production, mixing won't seem like 3 different steps, it'll become one fluid process, with you leading the way the entire time!

Supercharge Your Creativity.

Production techniques and tricks are more part of songwriting than ever before. Whether it's mixing frequencies, use of distortion, harmonics, reverb, balance, drum selection, etc. All these "production" elements can color and affect the song significantly, and I say they are part of the songwriting process itself. Join the Triple Treat Artist community and see for yourself what being a "singer/songwriter/producer" can do for your career!

A Year From Now

Will you still be telling yourself you can't be in the producer seat? Hmmm... Why not join this course and a community of other Triple Threats to unleash a new talent inside you and shortcut you through all the BS.

Not Sure Yet?

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I've created a tool that has transformed my songs into fantastic productions in half the time, called the RED ZONE Production Timeline. It's yours for free. Just let me know where you'd like me to send it. šŸ’™

"The Triple Threat Artist has been a valuable place for me for a few reasons - I got to see the variety of ways that OTHER people work including their tips and tricks, new perspectives from studio and touring musician guests, and of course the community of people gathered together with a common goal of improving their craft has been fantastic."

Robin Mauer Vakil


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