Weekly Facebook Group Recap - 3/4 thru 3/11

Mar 11, 2018

Here is a recap of facebook group information for one or more courses you're a part of. Disclaimer. This recap by no means replaces the information in the Facebook Groups. Always refer to them for the most current and accurate information. I do my best to relay what I think is the most important details, but it's very possible for me to overlook something or make a typo in the process. This is just to be used as a quick reference and outline. Enjoy!


The Triple Threat Artist

Enrollment for the Producer Course and Community is now open! Discount available for students of any of Cathy Heller’s courses. Just private message Zion for coupon code. 

  • Two new students joined our tribe. Woot!
  • Zion streamed some production work live, and made it available on youtube
  • Office Hours on Thursday involved an awesome discussion on background vocals and tips and tricks for creating group and gang vocals.
  • Lots of questions were answered this week involving production techniques in conjunction with the assignments from the Access course.
  • Students actively pushed forward with class assignments and made huge strides in upping their production game.
  • This coming Thursday will be another production "deconstruction" where we will listen to each other's songs and talk about what works and what doesn't.


Making Money in Music

  • Great Monday Music breakdown by Sonnet about a song called Dare To Wonder on an Oreo ad.
  • Tamara started a discussion about Distrokid.
  • Hope discussed using Ozone for mastering
  • Aaron shared a cool article on why pursuing music
  • Students shared songs and their journey in getting them promoted.
  • Cool article shared by Justin about Quitting your 9to5 to pursue music full time
  • Students began sharing their Bio's in accordance with Ari's assignment
  • Ari had an online class on 3/5, replay shared in the facebook group
  • Ari shared an article about 150+ Female Producers you need to know
  • Students shared their new and update websites
  • Sonnet had office hours on 3/8, replay shared in group
  • Discussion about Facebook advertising started by Jeff.
  • Shelley shared a lyric video.
  • Dree shared a song release
  • Victoria talked about the spring bonus and congratulating the winners
  • Next Cathy class coming up on Monday 3/19, 11am PST


 The Access Course

  • Cool article shared on whether your song is 'too smart'
  • Keith started a discussion about registering cover songs with PRO is necessary 
  • More students shared their cover song submissions for Feb
  • New writing assignment for March was discussed and shared by Sonnet
  • Discussion on metadata for cover songs
  • Discussion by Sarah about splits for cover songs
  • Discussion by Sal about using Taxi
  • Cool article about Doner Ad agency shared by Debbie
  • Students reaching out for co-writers, rappers, collaborations
  • Great Monday Music breakdown by Sonnet about a song called Dare To Wonder on an Oreo ad.
  • Serge shared his success with different sync sites
  • Sonnet updated the calendar with lots of more upcoming webinars
  • Cool article share about Indie Bands becoming more popular on Netflix and other original shows
  • The new Apple ad was shared and discussed by Emma
  • Office Hours with Sonnet was on 3/8 and replay made available
  • Discussion about Bulletproof Musician
  • Links for Access Course was updated by Victoria, check Files area
  • Submission Opportunities doc was updated with a new female empowerment opportunity, make sure you check it.
  • Debbie shared a link to 26 songs that'll empower you
  • Katie shared a spreadsheet to share songs that have been accepted by CTM
  • Link shared by Mark to Universal Productions playlist on Spring
  • Kat Quinn shared a spreadsheet with contact info of past Access course guests.
  • Ernest started a great discussion about producer plugin and tool advice for home studio producers
  • Victoria shared Bonus Info instructions, due Friday 3/16
  • Next webinar session is on March 24 at 10am PST, with Brian Vickers from Disney


- Zion 🦆


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