4 Things Musicians Should Be Doing During Lockdown

Apr 12, 2020

Four things I think you should be doing as a music artist right now, during this COVID-19 lockdown.

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Number one, social distancing should mean physical distancing, but not social isolation. You can socialize through the web, through Skype, through zoom, through all kinds of different programs, Facebook, live, FaceTime, whatever. You should be doing that every day. You should be collaborating and connecting with other musicians, even if you're not working on a song, just reaching out and connecting.

 Join the Production Playground  (Begins April 20th)

Number two, you should be writing music every day. Spend a little bit of time writing some music, especially about your feelings during this time. This is a moment we will probably never live through again, hopefully, and it would be amazing if you came out of this experience with some incredible expression that would never come unless you'd gone through it.

 Join the Production Playground  (Begins April 20th)

Number three, if you have the means, try to do Facebook live and YouTube Live performances.

If you're singer sing, with your guitar, or your piano or your instrument of choice and go live. The world needs to hear your music and this is a wonderful time to share that a lot of people have the ability to just turn on your performance or your concert while they're cooking or while they're eating and doing other things, and you could really build your fan base during this time.

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Number four is you should be increasing your education in music production. Why? Because no matter whether or not you ever want to be a producer, if you want to become an artist, a songwriter, a singer, etc... if you know some stuff about how to capture that, your sounds and your songs via your computer, your phone, your iPad, whatever, you are going to be dangerous, you're going to command a lot more attention and you can move a lot faster.

This is a perfect time to grow in your production skills.

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So myself and my friend Josh are putting on a free one week workshop to help anybody that wants to learn how to use their DAW, whether that's Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, Studio One, whatever. And we're going to show you some really cool tricks in guitar production, drum production, vocal production, synthesizers, and mixing.

We would love, love, love to have you there!

xxx - Zion

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