🏋🏽‍♀️ Facebook Group Recap - 2/20 thru 2/26

Jan 28, 2019

Here is a recap of facebook group information for one or more courses you're a part of. Disclaimer. This recap by no means replaces the information in the Facebook Groups. Always refer to them for the most current and accurate information. We do our best to relay what we think is the most important details, but it's very possible for us to overlook something or make a typo in the process. This is just to be used as a quick reference and outline. Enjoy!

The Triple Threat Artist

  • Kenneth asked a question about the Unison Midi Chord Pack sale
  • Osie shared a really great deal on MRythmizerMB
  • Javier Ballester joined the tribe
  • Alex shared a video about turning your voice into MIDI software
  • Kate checked in and talked about digging into the videos of the course, and what she's learning
  • Sem checked in and talked about some of his struggles
  • In Office hours ... It's so important to listen to reference tracks if you're going to produce music. Mainly because you won't have to re-invent the wheel, and it'll motivate you to make yourself better. I strongly suggest listening to several songs that you admire before you start producing, every single day. Today we chatted a lot about this, started a new Triple Threat Spotify Playlist, and chatted about the use of real drums in production.
  • Alia Gilbert joined our tribe! Yay!!!
  • Blake shared a really cool remix and music video to Green Eggs and Ham that he made.
  • Rebecca shared a video about using virtual guitar Shreddage.
  • Kate shared a photo and check in of her and her producer 
  • Shelley checked in and question about mic bleed during live performance
  • Amber shared a success she had with running the repair tool in disk utilities on a Mac
  • A new Q&A was announced for 2/20 with producer composer Dirk Ehrert
  • More steps were taken by students to listen to lectures and apply their new knowledge in exercises and groove making strategies.
  • This next week's office hours will be held on Tuesday at 10am, where we will deconstruct famous production of hit songs, as well as get questions resolved for any production projects students are working on.
  • If you are in the Access Course and have interest in joining the Triple Threat Artist group, please let Zion know, we've got an amazing discount waiting for you.. Now $49/m, with coupon code ACCESS49. There's no installment plan, and you can quit anytime!

The Access Course  

  • Rick asked if classmates mix in headphones or monitors
  • David announced his excitement about his songwriting partner, Lauren
  • Mikey posted his Zoom chat replay on songwriting for guitar
  • Joan asked about copyright requirements for songs intended for licensing.
  • Paul asked about archiving songs meant for sync as opposed to releasing them.
  • Susan announced some radio play for one of her song.
  • Kristina shared a search from TAXI
  • Lori had questions about the process of working with a film maker, as she is working with one.
  • David seeks a collaborator for the January assignment
  • Pete posted Soundfly’s musical breakdown of pop hits from 2018
  • Cathy announced her new class next Wednesday about side hustles
  • Kayte and others posted successes
  • Kathrin asked a question about Cathy’s new bonus masterclasses
  • Angelique asked about everyone’s dream job.
  • Emily asked about covering people like Simon & Garfunkel and Beatles and such
  • Amira asked questions about split sheets for covers
  • Lori asked about having an #PK for your sync music
  • Mark posted an update about his progress
  • Kayte requested people connect as much as possible before their year ends
  • Victoria shared a search that came in that pays really well. Really, really well.
  • Ben and others posted songs for feedback
  • Heather is also looking for a collaborator
  • Victoria posted the replay of her listening session from 1/24/19
  • CTM posted the session with Brittany Whyte of the Chop Shop from 1/24/19
  • Cathy posted about her happiness with the Zoom session with Brittany Whyte
  • Rich and other posted their farewells
  • Jan posted notes from the Brittany Whyte zoom session
  • Bev posted about having second thoughts regarding TAXI and Hit License based on Brittany Whyte’s remarks.
  • Janet asked about any plans to keep the graduates of ACCESS and/or 6 Figure together.
  • Katie alerted us to the Sync Summit in NYC in June
  • Mikey posted his patreon campaign to raise money to go to the live event in March.
  • Cathy announced a next level program for those graduating.


Huge thanks to Jan Seides for her help in summarizing the Access Course. 💙

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