May 30, 2019

Challenge Rules and Guides:

- Pick one room/location (ie- bathroom, your car, shed, etc) and find as many unique sounds as you can. Record them, import the audio into your DAW of choice, chop up the usable audio clips and arrange them on different tracks.

- Create a beat or song using those sounds as a primary element. You can choose to make the beat or song as simple or complex as you want. It could be instrumental or it could have vocals. It doesn't need to ONLY be those sounds from your chosen location (you could choose add guitars, vocals, piano if you'd like) but I want the sounds you've found to be a featured element in the recording you share.

- The goal is to be as creative as possible and be as unique as possible. Find music in your surroundings and use the limitations of your current skillset as an advantage.

- Due by 10pm (PST), Sunday, June 9th.


- The week following the deadline I will post a video of the challenge winners and honorable mentions.

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