No, You Do Not Need Anymore Plugins

Nov 24, 2020

Ok, true confession time... I have about 150 external plugins in my DAW, but have only used about 25% of them in the last 2 years.
And the sad thing is, I'm not alone.
Most home producers get super amped-up this time of year to buy new software and studio gear. I get it, it's fun to buy new stuff. And every now and then you really find something really sweet to elevate your production.  (ok very rarely)
But another plugin is most likely NOT what you need.
I think you might already know this.
Knowing HOW to work your production gear is far more valuable than bringing on another one. There's really no substitute for acquiring the skills for knowing how to manipulate reverb, compression, vocal tuning, dynamic EQ's, etc.
This is what separates successful music makers from the amateurs. The production disciplines needed to create the sounds and music ideas coming out of their brains.
The pros aren't worried about another discount for a plugin they'll use once in a blue moon. The pros are busy working their next project, their next creation, unhampered by the flash and buzz of a shiny new piece of gear to add to their collection.
If I could do it all over again, I would spend more of my money on education and knowledge, rather than the software and random specialized mics collecting dust in my closet.
No amount of expensive gear will make you sound better if you don't know how to use it. It can actually be embarrassing for those looking on.
Instead of putting your money into another piece of gear, consider joining our Producer Course over at The Triple Threat Artist.
Our online course is self-paced, and packed with tons of video tutorials on how to understand and learn the essentials tools that are already on your DAW.
Most DAWs (Logic, Ableton, Protools, Garageband, FL Studio, etc) have a crap-ton of fantastic plugins built right into them, that if utilized correctly can make your music command attention!
Ask yourself, are your vocals sounding raw and amateur, or do that command respect in your productions? Are your mixes too quiet and/or balanced incorrectly? Does anyone actually listen to your songs again and again, or are they put off by the production value?
All of these concerns can be addressed with KNOWLEDGE and skill, in your DAW, most likely just how it is. Why not invest in that knowledge and those disciplines before adding another variable (a shiny new plugin) to your studio this Black Friday?
Our "triple threat" students are constantly elevating their productions, in all genres, by taking the necessary time to elevate their productions. They are triple threats because they have added that third dimension to their music creation: production.  (singer, songwriter, producer)
The amount of freedom and collaborations that become available when doing this can lead you to making music fun again. It's an amazing feeling, and I want you to experience that.
This week Josh and I doing a sale to get you grandfathered in at a lower monthly price. Instead of $97/month, we are giving you guys access for $49/month.
And you can stay as long as you want. There's no contracts or agreements. No bullshit.
Come and learn with us. Involve yourself in our weekly online meetups. Grow and make better music.

Stop Looking For a Producer.

I'm willing to bet you have some great recording gear, effects and tools already at your disposal. I can help you learn to make the most of them right away so you can start producing your own music. You are way more capable of this than you might realize. And with a little practice you could move away from trying to find a producer who "gets you" to making great sounding music whenever you have an idea. I've created a whole class with over 120 videos and exercise routines to show you the skills I've learned over the last 15 years. Also, you'll get access to a Facebook community full of people just like you that are learning and growing their skills. And I've made it extremely affordable so you can invest in more equipment or other classes as well.

So, you in?

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