💄Sephora Sync Placement & New Discount Code

Jan 31, 2019

Today I want to let you guys know about a sync placement I just got with Sephora for their March ad campaign coming soon. I cowrote this track and produced and mastered it, all from my bedroom studio.

That means you could too.

The song "Gimme More" from the Karnival EP I released 10/30/18 can be found HERE. It should be out sometime in March. I'll let you know when it does.

Stop thinking that you have to always have a producer. Learn to BE the producer. I did. So can you.

I want you in the Triple Threat Producer Course because I know you'll grow and get so much closer to achieving your goals. Let me help you.

For the next two weeks I am offering the Triple Threat Bundle (The Producer Course, the community access, and two bonuses) for $49/m. 

Use coupon code WINTER49

I can't to see you in the class.

Click HERE, and let's get started.

Zion 💄



Stop Looking For a Producer.

I'm willing to bet you have some great recording gear, effects and tools already at your disposal. I can help you learn to make the most of them right away so you can start producing your own music. You are way more capable of this than you might realize. And with a little practice you could move away from trying to find a producer who "gets you" to making great sounding music whenever you have an idea. I've created a whole class with over 120 videos and exercise routines to show you the skills I've learned over the last 15 years. Also, you'll get access to a Facebook community full of people just like you that are learning and growing their skills. And I've made it extremely affordable so you can invest in more equipment or other classes as well.

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