Tricks for Recording Troublesome Vocals 🎙

Dec 09, 2019

Hey everybody, it's Josh from The Triple Threat Artist again to talk about troubleshooting difficult singing situations. Or.... You could say it another way. Troubleshooting difficult singers!

Sometimes we get a singer that we're working with. It might be ourselves, or perhaps it's somebody else. We might just have a really difficult situation with 'sibilance'. Sibilance refers to, for example, S's - the over pronunciation or exaggerated S's in our performances.

I would like to talk about that and then discuss 'plosives'. These are the hard P's and B's. Plosives are a consonant that is produced by stopping the airflow using the lips, teeth, or palate, followed by a sudden release of air. The most common are the P, D, G, and B. They can jump out in certain phrases.

I'm going to talk about different ways to troubleshoot these two issues. I've got a little prop here. We're going to use this fun little mic!


One of the first things that I do when I've got a sibilance issue, I will angle the mic up or down from where the singer's mouth is. A lot of times we'll just have the mic right in front of their mouth or something like this. And you'll find that if you make an S sound with your mouth and move your jaw - the sibilance - the S sound - can actually be directional.

*See video for full information including demonstration*



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