Weekly Facebook Group Recap - 7/15 thru 7/21

Jul 23, 2018

Here is a recap of facebook group information for one or more courses you're a part of. Disclaimer. This recap by no means replaces the information in the Facebook Groups. Always refer to them for the most current and accurate information. We do our best to relay what we think is the most important details, but it's very possible for us to overlook something or make a typo in the process. This is just to be used as a quick reference and outline. Enjoy!

The Triple Threat Artist

  • Osie shared a great article about EQ'ing when mastering
  • Billy shared a photo of a Triple Threat sandwich he discovered in his travels.. LOL
  • Jamila Anne shared a track for feedback
  • Ernest shared a video clip about autotune from Southpark for a laugh
  • Allison shared a question for finding washy sounding guitar samples and Vi's
  • Office hours were amazing on Tuesday - we talked about a lot about Zion's track "Runaway". This was requested by one of the students in this class to break it down step by step. A lot of the discussion was about concepts in approaching a production.
  • An announcement was made about the Triple Threat Dinner in LA. So for those going to the Access Live Event. If you're part of this Triple Threat community or would like to be, please let Zion know and come to dinner with us!
  • More steps were taken by students to listen to lectures and apply their new knowledge in exercises and groove making strategies.
  • Zion reminded all students about mastering automation in their DAW.
  • Osie shared a new delay module on sale.
  • This next week's office hours will be held on Tuesday at 10am, where we will deconstruct famous production of hit songs, as well as get questions resolved for any production projects students are working on.

Making Money in Music

  • Students asked for help on finding „ similar artists“ to their own music
  • Discussions about spotify playlists
  • Students asked for help on sharing their facebook ads
  • This will be the last recap for the MiM Course. :)

The Access Course

  • Lots of tunes were shared for feedback and lots of feedback was given
  • Sonnet facilitated Office Hours
  • Victoria shared Monday Music Breakdown
  • Zion shared his weekly recap
  • Keith reminded event attendees to hook up with Helen re: the artist showcase
  • Bev started a discussion about the grind of metadata maintenance
  • Cathy’s class was postponed
  • Everybody loved Cathy’s zoom call
  • Sam enquired about the music sup spreadsheet
  • Jody brainstormed some good questions to ask sup’s
  • Sam asked if anyone in the group wants to share the load to research the sups who will be at the live event
  • Debbie shared a gatekeepers article
  • Janet shared a podcast about sync / music sups
  • There was a lot of conversation around Cathy’s pitch email assignment
  • Austin and Eli shared a big win
  • Victoria shared the live event itinerary
  • Lindsey asked the group about the difference between a music supervisor and a media director
  • Kyle Graski did a supervisor session
  • Mark shared a Songtradr win
  • Joe shared some music supervisor links
  • Deena shared an Atlanta Ad Agency list
  • Jan asked the group to weigh in on who they are pitching and why
  • Marty shared a SongTradr win
  • Akira asked what questions people are asking in their cold call emails
  • Tony shared a sync win
  • Jeremy shared a song call
  • Jamila shared a link to PUSH audio
  • Jamila shared an article on how to submit your music and finding a music publisher
  • Jody asked for advice on song splits for a specific scenario
  • Minko asked where people are finding out which ad agencies prepared which ads
  • Jan shared a helpful hint re: email addresses
  • Rick asked how people manage their stems
  • Zion announced a Triple Threat group social and dinner
  • Jamila asked for people’s organization tips
  • Victoria shared song feedback from Cathy’s class
  • Emily shared some intel on Conor Aspell
  • Debbie shared a SongTradr win
  • Victoria shared the Conor Aspell signup sheet
  • Jamila shared an article on presenting the right sound
  • Bev asked if anyone had sent music to Agoraphone
  • July 26th Neil Turk – Live in Hollywood


Special thanks to Cora Himmelsbach and Shelley Montreuil for their help in consolidating all information on the MiM and Access Facebook Pages.

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