Weekly Facebook Group Recap - 7/29 thru 8/4

Aug 06, 2018

Here is a recap of facebook group information for one or more courses you're a part of. Disclaimer. This recap by no means replaces the information in the Facebook Groups. Always refer to them for the most current and accurate information. We do our best to relay what we think is the most important details, but it's very possible for us to overlook something or make a typo in the process. This is just to be used as a quick reference and outline. Enjoy!

The Triple Threat Artist

  • Thoughts and memories were shared from the Live Access event in LA last week
  • Alex shared a great deal on some EQ plugins
  • More steps were taken by students to listen to lectures and apply their new knowledge in exercises and groove making strategies.
  • Juli shared a song she's working on and looking for feedback.
  • Kaeli Anne joined our tribe, Welcome!!!!
  • This next week's office hours will be held on Tuesday at 10am, where we will deconstruct famous production of hit songs, as well as get questions resolved for any production projects students are working on.
  • If you are in the Access Course (below) and have interest in joining the Triple Threat Artist group, please let Zion know, we've got an amazing discount waiting for you.. Now $47/m. :) 

The Access Course

  • Madeline checked in and is looking for an accountability partner
  • Debbie asked about royalty payouts
  • Lots of students chimed in on how awesome the Live Access course was and their gratefulness to the CTM team
  • Sam checked in and told us about his cowrite
  • Jim K is looking for a vocalist
  • Students shared photos from the Live Access event
  • Students shared songs they are working on for feedback
  • Lots of pics and videos were posted from the Artist Showcase, tons of fun was had by all
  • Victoria announced the next 2 Day Live Access Event in Nov 8-9, sign up now!
  • Josh shared a song he would like some help with
  • Zion shared a weekly recap
  • Students shared their stories about making the Monday submission deadline
  • Mikey shared a video of a jam session
  • Debbie shared a success 
  • Dielle asked a question through a poll
  • Dree asked a question about Disco
  • Jeremy shared his love of The Third Door book
  • Sonnet shared a link to the show she got a placement on
  • Lizzie shared a note about art apps
  • CTM shared Cathy’s Instagram and opportunity for a gift card
  • Lauren is looking for a producer who can make stuff like Sofi Tukker
  • Victoria shared a submission opportunity due 8/3
  • Osie shared a submission opp for no-ex rock tracks
  • Sam asked for more clarity about the upbeat feel
  • Jessi shared pics of her cool coloring (so cute)
  • Emily checked in with us about all the submissions
  • Victoria posted the August Assignment
  • Nathan Lang and Anne Wichmann is looking for an accountability partner
  • Janet asked for Mike Turner’s email address
  • Cecilia told us about a win
  • Kayte asked for songwriters who speak Ukranian
  • Office hours were reposted
  • Victoria posted about Cathy’s class on 8/10


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