About Zion

As a native Texas boy, Zion grew up playing a myriad of instruments at churches he attended. From playing the mandolin at Easter concerts, acoustic guitar for coffee house gigs, to drums for Gospel tent revivals, Zion learned what it meant to be versatile. It wasn't until college he discovered his passion in songwriting. For the next 20 years, after moving to Arizona, he has pursued writing and producing music for many different genres, including Dance, Rap, Dubstep, Folk, Pop, Christmas, Cinematic and Deep House. His passion in producing music came out of a need to get his songs into the world's ears. And so he began absorbing every video tutorial he could get his hands on. His work includes writing and producing original compositions and remixes for other artists from all over the world. He is currently the head writer and producer for Fan Fiqtion. His love for melody and strong production hooks has driven him to create his own tutorials, distilling what could be conceived as information overload into tangible nuggets of "ah-ha" moments.

Here are examples of tracks Zion has produced:



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