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If Making Music isn't Fun, Then Seriously, What's the Point?

Let's go back to enjoying making music with that childlike wonder, and tap into the reason we started doing this in the first place. Just the pure joy of playing with instruments, collaborating with friends, expressing ideas, taking risks, creating weird sounds, following inspiration... and of course, breaking all the rules.


5 Jammed-Pack One-Hour Sessions

This free workshop is to help you tap back into that through five one hour sessions and includes:

  • Lessons and philosophies on rhythm and instrumentation
  • Downloads for hands on technique applications
  • Exercises and deep demonstrations
  • Networking opportunities
  • A private Facebook Group
  • Fun homework assignments
  • Take away strategies
  • A community and friends

A Chance to Win a New Shure SM7b Dynamic Microphone

Just by registering for this webinar, you'll automatically be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a Shure SM7b Dynamic Mic. This mic is used by countless singers and artists all over the world. Some of the biggest names in the business still use this, including Skrillex, Jack White, Dave Grohl, John Mayer, ARmin Van Buuren, etc.

Registration is free, so what are you waiting for?!

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Meet Your Instructors

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Josh Doyle

Songwriter, drummer and founder of 3 Theory Music - with hundreds of songs written, produced and licensed. You can hear Josh's music used by companies like Amazon, Toyota, Verizon, Delta Airlines, Showtime, HBO, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. Josh spent his early years songwriting and playing drums in several bands, got a degree in drum set performance and music production, spent 6 years touring internationally and recording with indie and major label artists, built 2 recording studios from the ground-up, recorded albums for 2 singers from NBC's "The Voice", scored music for several short films and 1 feature film, and now loves to teach other Triple Threats.

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Zion Brock

Over the last 20 years, Zion has been dialing in his production songwriting disciplines, and currently writes and collaborates with an assortment of different artists. His personal artistry, Fan Fiqtion, has now had songs featured in multiple television shows and a national commercial spot. Zion grew up playing drums, piano, and guitar, but fell in love with synths and studio production hacks. His main styles of music include Folk, Pop, Alternative, and EDM. Founding The Triple Threat Artist in 2018, he now loves teaching other's how to achieve fantastic sound with just a studio bedroom. His secret weapon is his use of virtual instruments and synthesizers.


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