Produce your own music. 

If you want clarity and direction on learning to make your songs sound great, without spending years and years of wasted time and money on equipment you'll never use, it's time to invest in your future. I'm offering access to this course, and community for less than a night out on the town. What's your time worth to you?

When you can produce your own music you'll have hundreds of new opportunities open up for you. Your songwriting will suddenly become way more dangerous.

The Big Triple Threat Bundle 

Today, right this second, I'm offering a Triple Threat Bundle. Not only will you get the Producer Course and full access to the Triple Threat Community, BUT two FREE bonus courses as well!

I want you in our community so you can see transformation in your life! I truly believe if you're a singer songwriter, you need to have your production chops developed so that you can command the respect and trajectory of your music, wherever your career takes you. 

Here's a quick breakdown of what's included in this offer:

The Producer Course

The in-depth course tackles the philosophy and concepts of music producing, the methodology (putting it into practice), recommended gear you might need, and the disciplines required to make it all happen. This will teach you everything from sound proofing your studio space, learning your DAW, recording Audio, MIDI, and virtual instruments, to producer tricks like side-chain compression and cleaning up the frequencies in your mix. After each module there will be exercises and challenges to put what you've learned into practice.

Triple Threat Community

This is going to be your community to support you while taking The Producer Course. This is a living, breathing community of students, all taking the same Producer Course, sharing their knowledge, helping each other out, and giving each other feedback. This also includes weekly office hours with Zion, a guest producer interview and Q&A every month, lots of bonus videos and examples, as well as shared Spotify Playlists for the Triple Threat tribe. Many students find the greatest value through the community.

Bonus Mini-Course: Blogs and Playlists

This course will teach you exactly what I do to get my songs submitted to music blogs, giving my music a huge amount of credibility! I also teach you about how I contact and connect with Spotify playlist curators, so your music can catch steam on the biggest music platform on the planet. This bonus does not come through any other offer but this one right here. 

Bonus Mini-Course: Time Block Strategies

I show you how you can get sooo much done with the time you have. Time blocking has made a huge difference in my development as an artist and producer, and has allowed me to get a tremendous amount of work done in much less time. This bonus does not come through any other offer but this one right here. Get it before the deadline runs out!

"Zion offers so much knowledge in terms of production and taking your music to the next level. He is fantastic at delivering the information you need in an organized and inspiring way.""

Cathy Heller
Catch the Moon Music Licensing Agency, President

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