Quickly Create Work For Hire Agreements, Using Airtable and Documint

Dec 17, 2021

Let me show you how I automatically create PDFs, like work-for-hire agreements, using my song database in Airtable along with Documint. With a little setup work on the front end, you can save yourself so much time whenever you need to pump out another PDF, by not starting from scratch.

Links in video:

Gareth's Video on setting this all up: https://youtu.be/YXWh0jByJwI

Airtable: https://airtable.com/invite/r/eJmYv3HJ

My Airtable Mini-Course: https://www.thetriplethreatartist.com/offers/ZD477AmS

Lofi Panda Music: www.lofipandamusi.com

Documint: https://www.documint.me/


---- Raw Transcription of Video ---

I'm sure most of you have run into this issue where you've got to create a Work For Hire Agreement with somebody, maybe you hired a guitarist or pianist or a violinist or singer or something, and you don't really necessarily want them to have ownership of the song, but you want to pay them for their work. So the point of this video is to show you how you can do once you've got this set up, you can create Work For Hire documents or collaboration documents or whatever kind of documents you want really, really quickly. And it's something that has saved me a huge amount of time. And today I wanna talk just about that.

My name is Zion for those who don't know me, I am the founder of the Triple Threat Artist online producer course, myself and my friend, Josh Doyle, another producer - we teach students how to become a triple threat, a singer songwriter producer, and be able to command respect with the music production that they do from home. If that interests you, if you'd like to check out what we do, click the links below, we are open for enrollment. We'd love to see you. So let's dig into this.

I'm going to show you how I do this. A tool called AirTable, and it's working with a tool called Documint, but first let me just illustrate what I'm talking about. So for those who don't know, AirTable is kind of like Google docs or Excel. It's way better. It's like Google docs in 3D. It's very, very cool. And the scope of this video is not to show you all the ins and outs and how I created at all the formulas behind this. You have to learn AirTable to do that.

I just want to show you what's possible and then give you the resources. If you want to do that. I actually have a small 10 part Mini-course on how to use AirTable. And it's super cheap. If you'd like to check that out, it's below - that'll help you get started and creating formulas, but I just wanna show you what I'm doing here first of all.

I'm going to use this as an example. I'm the music director for the LoFi Panda Music channel on YouTube. I'll put the link below and we put out songs every single week. And so what I do is I curate songs from other producers and pay them for their time and for their work. And I put it all together and I either mix it myself or I have somebody else mix it, but I kind of run this channel.

Okay. So I've gotta pay my people. I gotta pay my producers, my mixers. So this AirTable sheet is actually how I do that. So let's take one of my guys, his name's Geno. He's an awesome producer. I create basically a new record in here. This is kind of like, this is the new invoice. I can kind of call it 25 and I'm gonna select the songs that I need to pay him for. Now I have this filtered so that I only see the songs I have not paid him yet for. And I'm gonna go ahead and add those in here. And when I add 'em, it disappears from the available list. And after I've got all those in there, I'm gonna come over and create a date for this. Let's say it's the 6th of December. And it's gonna put all the songs in here and I'm just gonna click this create agreement button.

Now what happens is I have an automation that's running in here, and that automation is going out to a program called Documint and it's creating an invoice for me. So now I can just click this. And the invoice was created for me. I've had it, the whole thing filled out. It's got the date, myself, my company, the work set, I call it the smorgasboard 25 is just my funny name for it. All the terms do not copy my text in here. This is proprietary. So this is not to be copied, but at the very end of it, I have my signature. I've got the date and I've got a place for him to sign and agree to and date. And then in the scheduled work, I have the rate I pay him for and the amount I'm gonna cut out a check for and all the songs listed as well at the very end.

And that's all done in Documint. So I've put this together. Documint is not very expensive. It's like $20 a month. And you can have up to like 200 documents a month that you're creating, but it's taking these variables from AirTable and taking whatever those variables are from this going back here from this AirTable workspace and or table, and it's filling it in, it's filling in all those little cells and then creating a document and then putting it into my AirTable.

Then I can actually go click send email, and it'll send him an email with this document. And then he signs it and sends it back. And then I pay him. It's pretty slick. And this has saved me a huge amount of time. Again, the scope of this video is not to show you all the nuts and bolts of how to do this.

The scope of this is to show you that you can do this, that this is possible. And with a little work, a little - you know, finessing and learning AirTable and learning Documint, and you can do this yourself. You can create this kind of template yourself.

I'm gonna put a link to AirTable below. I'm gonna put a link to my AirTable, a little course. It's a mini-course on how the whole thing kind of operates and how it works.

And I'll put a link to Documint and to couple other videos a buddy of mine named Gareth puts out great videos and he shows exactly how to set this up.

All right, guys, I hope that helps. I'll see you next week for another tutorial. In the meantime, if you have any questions, hit me back, hit reply to this email or put comments below in the YouTube video. See you guys.



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