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Ditch the spreadsheet, and start using a real database tool. I want to show you how I use Airtable to manage all the songs I write, produce, mix, master, or have ownership on. You can easily start with my template (which I named GIZMO) and then customize and scale it to suit your specific needs.


Most music-making artists and songwriters I know track their music in some kind of spreadsheet like Google Docs or Excel. But as you know, whenever you need to get your metadata for a song and then get it over to services or stores like SoundCloud, YouTube, Distrokid, ASCAP, BMI... it is super annoying because you end up having to copy and paste all the little information from each cell. It's super frustrating. I get it.

I found a better solution and it uses Airtable. If you're not familiar with Airtable, it's a database type tool. A lot of people think it's a spreadsheet but it's actually way more than that. And their free version does 90% of what most people need anyway.

So over the last couple of years, I've been learning Airtable and I've crafted a template that organizes and reports the metadata for each song in my music catalog that I've been a part of, I call GIZMO. Just add your name and email to the box above, and I'll send you a link for GIZMO for free, as well as a tutorial on how to use it. I think you're going to love it.  - Zion

Utilize Airtable's Views

Airtable's free account already gives you access to some of its best features, including the Gallary, Calendar and Kanban views, and build the database that works for you. But GIZMO also harnesses simple grid views to help eliminate false rights holder percentages, and build custom reports.

Harness Simple Automations

My GIZMO will already have one automation in it, but you can make many more. Automatically send emails, build records, update your spreadsheets, and so much more. There's tons of tricks and hacks people have already build online that you can tap into.

Build Custom Reports

I've already created a beautiful PDF page layout to hold all your metadata for every song you input into GIZMO. And with a few clicks you can customize it any way you want.

*this feature does require an Airtable Pro account

Reduce Errors

By entering artist names, IPI numbers, songwriters, etc. in one place only, and then utilizing field and table links, you'll greatly reduce the amount of opportunities for errors.

Track Ownership

Keep track of all rights owners, including songwriters, publishers and master owners, with corresponding percentages. Add as many as needed with no limitations.

Custom Text Reports

Easily create custom text reports for copying and pasting into your PRO, Youtube, CDBaby, Distrokid, Artist Website, Soundcloud, etc., without having to copy each piece of metadata.



I made another version for "sync artists".

If you're like me, and constantly pitching your songs for ad briefs, music libraries, music supervisors, licensing agents, labels, etc., then you'll absolutely want GIZMO+ instead. Let me show you how much time this can save you.