Fun with Metronomes (Part 2)

Oct 18, 2019

  "Playing along to a metronome with 1 bar of click
and then 1 bar of silence"

Part 2 of a 4 part video series

Hey everybody!

All right! In the second part of this series we're going to start by referencing a quote by Miles Davis,

‘it's not the notes that you play it's the notes that you don't play’

So what we're gonna do with the metronome today is, we'll have one bar of click and then one bar of silence. What this does is, make us rely on our own time for a short amount of time - for one bar. One bar of click to give us the the tempo to play with and then it's gonna go right into a bar of silence.

So this is what it sounds like: one-two-three-four.

Now, this is what its sounds like when I play along with it.  We're just doing the beat, no drum fills, no riffs, or anything like that.

(Music Playing)

There it is so. You could tell I had to hit my start button and jump into it. Most of the time I would have it programmed on my DAWs, so I could just have it looping - but you hear me making excuses for myself.

You do that for like five minutes straight - just have that loop and then the silence and you'll really start to settle into it. You'll start to really own your own time and start to feel real comfortable with it.

The other thing that you can do with this is to set it up, so that it's playing two bars of click and then two bars of silence. Then you can stretch it on to three bars of click and three bars of silence - four bars of click four bars of silence. I would challenge you to do that this week again with no drum fills - no rifts = no extra anything. Just set up something simple that you can enjoy playing for a while. And really own the time. Have fun with it!

Alright - see you guys next week!



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