Weekly Facebook Group Recap - 7/8 thru 7/14

Jul 15, 2018

Here is a recap of facebook group information for one or more courses you're a part of. Disclaimer. This recap by no means replaces the information in the Facebook Groups. Always refer to them for the most current and accurate information. We do our best to relay what we think is the most important details, but it's very possible for us to overlook something or make a typo in the process. This is just to be used as a quick reference and outline. Enjoy!

The Triple Threat Artist

  • Amber shared a trailer submission production she and Aaron did together, and asked for feedback
  • Mikey Meiers shared a Spotify playlist of guitar tones to check out!
  • Kate shared a great sale on a plugin called Mixchecker
  • Jamila shared a track for some feedback
  • Aaron shared a guitar instrumental track for feedback
  • Office hours were amazing on Tuesday - We talked about recording vocals for the most part: bit rate/ resolution, vocal takes, stacks, topline, and strategies while working with a vocalist. And finally lots of talk about working as an orchestrator from Ernest's experience.
  • Zion encouraged students to share their link to Disco if people were signing up for it.
  • Zion went live on Thursday and celebrated the fact that 6 Triple Threats were finalists for the Access June assignment! Woot Woot!
  • Ernest asked for some advice about making business cards for the Live Event.
  • The Triple Threat Artists are going to be meeting up on Wed the 25th in LA, for those going to the Access Live Event. If you're part of this Triple Threat community or would like to be, please let Zion know and come to dinner with us!
  • More steps were taken by students to listen to lectures and apply their new knowledge in exercises and groove making strategies.
  • This next week's office hours will be held on Tuesday at 10am, where we will deconstruct famous production of hit songs, as well as get questions resolved for any production projects students are working on.

Making Money in Music

  • MiM members were announcing their shows 
  • Discussions about music-map.com 
  • Tamara asked about the contact e mail of Pandora cos she had an issue to get through to them
  • Questions about Facebook Live 
  • Ari Seth Herstand kept us posted about his new project and first great concert!
  • Questions about what to demand from a producer after the finished product …what mixes do we have to demand for? Wav or mp3? 
  • Steve posted a great youtube video of Jacob Colliers masterclass …dig into this and get inspired :-) 
  • MiM members asked of being followed on facebook
  • Students posted their live video performances
  • Steve made a group ,…you can join it :-) 
  • Discussions about sugo music arose
  • Greg asked about indepreneur.com,… anyone familiar with this and happy?

The Access Course

  • Lots of tunes were shared for feedback and lots of feedback was given
  • Sonnet facilitated Office Hours
  • Victoria shared Monday Music Breakdown
  • Zion shared his weekly recap
  • Amber shared a link to Musicmap
  • Justin asked how music has changed people’s lives
  • Tricia shared some examples of a Folk / Pop mix
  • Robin shared an interview with Max Martin
  • Sam shared some mic trivia
  • Megan asked about people’s experience with Spotify
  • Victoria announced the results of the soul/pop search 
  • Bev asked for help finding a Canada-specific release form
  • The Highfields had a win on the show ‘Younger’
  • Lisa asked for group advice re: best way to get from the airport to Echo Park
  • Darren shared a sample manager
  • Victoria announced the results of the June Assignment (6 Finalists happen to be Triple Threat Artists, FYI)
  • Ernest asked for business card design advice
  • Jim asked for advice re: finding good reference tracks
  • Pei Pei shared some LA transport advice
  • Colin asked if CTM may consider a facebook live listening session
  • Sam asked for advice re: Songtradr file types
  • Scott suggested that he would organize an event for the out-of-town visitors for the live event
  • Rick asked how many people write their lyrics out by hand
  • Jim asked some advice re: Spotify premium
  • Jaymie asked people how they are managing their pitching
  • Richard shared a trailer win
  • Eli is looking for drummers to gig in L.A.
  • Sal shared a SongTradr win
  • July 21 – Conor Aspell – Buddha Jones
  • July 16th – Cathy’s class
  • July 19th Kyle Graski – Amazing Music tracks dot com
  • July 28th AccessX Artist Showcase


Special thanks to Cora Himmelsbach and Shelley Montreuil for their help in consolidating all information on the MiM and Access Facebook Pages.

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