Weekly Facebook Group Recap - 8/12 thru 8/18

Aug 20, 2018

Here is a recap of facebook group information for one or more courses you're a part of. Disclaimer. This recap by no means replaces the information in the Facebook Groups. Always refer to them for the most current and accurate information. We do our best to relay what we think is the most important details, but it's very possible for us to overlook something or make a typo in the process. This is just to be used as a quick reference and outline. Enjoy!

The Triple Threat Artist

  • More steps were taken by students to listen to lectures and apply their new knowledge in exercises and groove making strategies.
  • Zion posted encouragement in the form of a meme "Work Until Your Idols Become Your Rivals"
  • Recap of the week was posted
  • Amber shared a track that she shared at the Live Event and asked for some critiques on the chorus
  • Office hours on Tuesday was awesome, we discussed a myriad of topics: producing while writing, using current songs as influences for making grooves, finding drums with high attack, and new drum VI's. We also discussed a little different way to approach songwriting for a more current sounding music
  • On Wed we had an awesome Q&A with Producer Alex Helton! We had an amazing time asking him questions on how he got started, his workflow, collab process, etc. He also generously shared his techniques for processing vocals: tuning, eq'ing, saturation, etc! Great stuff, thanks Alex.
  • Shelley shared an opportunity at Spotify called the Equal Studio Residency Program for Women
  • Chelsey Coy joined the Triple Threat Tribe!
  • Richard Guerra joined the Triple Threat Tribe!
  • Zion shared a quote about how singers and musicians being some of the most driven and courageous people!
  • This next week's office hours will be held on Tuesday at 10am, where we will deconstruct famous production of hit songs, as well as get questions resolved for any production projects students are working on.
  • If you are in the Access Course and have interest in joining the Triple Threat Artist group, please let Zion know, we've got an amazing discount waiting for you.. Now $49/m, with coupon code 49FORLIFE.

The Access Course

  • Zion posted an article about how many people began their successful careers later in life. Very encouraging argument against age-ism. Especially that which one uses against oneself.
  • Amber Robinson complained bout cicadas in the vicinity of her recording studio
  • Various people posted their songs for feedback.
  • Victoria shared the Express Jeans ad for Monday music breakdown. Video is up. 
  • Ian Pav shared a post about the success of an unknown Australian musician took the #1 sport on iTunes from Drake last week.
  • Debbie and several others shared successes, their own and others.
  • Victoria posted the discount codes for the 2nd year of the course.
  • Amber posted a very inspiring quote from Ursula K. LeGuin
  • Victoria posted an article from Forbes about how a song gets placed (complete with chart)
  • Jamila posted a very interesting article about the resurrection of the jingle.
  • Rick asked for a recommendation for a free 8 band EQ for is DAW and several people responded.
  • Condolences to Bev who lost her sister this week.
  • Samuel posted John Mayer’s thoughts on songwriting
  • Ian posted an article about AI songwriting
  • Shelley announced her course in producing and engineering for women
  • Moon Frenzy inquired about the music supervisor Skype sessions from the Live event that got postponed. They’re in the works.
  • Matthew recommended his friend Paul Jones, who is a producer with many placements to his credit.
  • Eric recommended a podcast by Cheryl Englehardt (on which he has appeared) on Apple podcasts
  • Office hours video from 8/16 is posted. Check it out.
  • Ian posted an article about Australia’s PRO which is working on a deal regarding Facebook content
  • Victoria offered to send a list of current Epic themes to anyone who offered their email address. Take advantage of this.
  • Robin inquired whether anyone had registered a small business to run the licensing income through.
  • Jim requested suggestions for a “dark and moody” playlist.
  • Kristina posted a question about having engineers sign work-for-hire agreements.
  • Jeremy offered two podcasts on synch licensing.
  • Interview with Hunter Scott this Wed at 11am


 Huge thanks to Jan Seides for her help in summarizing the Access Course. 💙

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